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Me, New Mexico, 2003


Welcome to this little web site. It is mostly here as a placeholder for large quantities of photographs I have taken during my travels, but also as a springboard to some of the software projects I've worked on.

The site is designed with a number of style sheets available to browsers that are equipped with stylesheet selection. I hope that the new look is easier to work with, and that I didn't lose too much information in the liberal spring-clean of the pages.

If you have any comments, or want to get in touch, then my email address is on the bottom of each page, and if you use MSN, my username is markpcooke.

About Me

There is a little bit of information about me on this site, and anyone who cares to take a look at my old resumé is more than welcome to take a peek.

BBC Micro Computer

While studying for my undergraduate degree at Bristol, I started writing an emulator of the first computer I used - the BBC Model B. I have some links and mailing list archives available from the early days.

Fedora Core 6

I have installed FC6 on my Sony laptop, and I created a page to document all the tweaks needed after the basic install to get everything I regularly use working.

Any feedback, or comments are welcome, and the details are available here.

ALSA dmix

I have recently switched machines, and the new machine's onboard sound card could only playback a single stream at a time. This lead me to setup the dmix module in ALSA to provide simultaneous playback by software mixing.

I have made the configuration files I used available here.

Online Gaming

I have a slightly historic page of information about the online roleplaying games I used to enjoy.

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