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Listed here are the lectures/workshops I gave to a number of players. It's remarkable how teaching something really improves your familiarity with a subject!

Lecture 1Basics of object types, attributes, commands and responses.
Lecture 2Building on the simple greeting object from the previous week, and branching into spoofing, and then into the command queue. Also covers some basic lookup and array work.
Lecture 3More enhancements on the poker table object from last week, and coverage of loops using iter. String manipulation and shuffling was also discussed.
Lecture 4Recap on lecture 3, and a bit more discussion on shuffling and dealing cards efficiently.
Lecture 5Decision making using multi-switching. Differences in parsing v(0) and %0.
Lecture 6Iter and iter2 functions. 2K Limits on single emits. Use of iter2 to avoid repetition of function calls. Example of iter() to produce a list of players in your location.
Lecture 7A spammy log that covered nothing in particular. Probably not worth the time.
Lecture 8Basic interaction using @drop/odrop/adrop and siblings, and $ and ! commands. Also covered register locks and @ulock. Some basic security discussions about storing user supplied data.
Lecture 9A basic allocation calculator. (Note actual numbers replaced with X's). Use of ifelse and lookin for decision making. Use of U() and Ur() to avoid code duplication. Use of s(ifelse(condition,{true},{false})) to prevent unnecesssary evaluations.
Lecture 10Quick recap of ! and $ commands. Basic efficiency examples. Some list searching techniques using lookin() and wlookin().
Lecture 10 ErrataNote about match()/wlookin() and < and > signs.

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